General description


Getter pumps are pumps using physical adsorption of gases to remove them from a vacuum volume.

A significant advantage of the getter pumps is the absence of oil in the construction that allows one to obtain “oil free” vacuum thereby. Usually getter pumps are used as a prevacuum pumps.

In some cases the getter pumps are used as self contained means for gettinmg medium and high oil-free vacuum.

The getter pump design includes a heating unit providing necessary temperature conditions and an active element for gas absorbtion.

As an active element defining vacuum and sorption properties, use is made of the same materials that are in the nonevaporative getters.




Absorption capacity by hydrogen (carbon monoxide) is the major characteristics of the pump activity indicating the amount of gas irreversibly absorbed by the pump (at room temperature after preactivation).

Electric parameters of the heater determining the temperature conditions of the getter pump activation and degassing.

Minimum amount of possible reactivation cycles at which the pump absorption capacity deteriorates to a value not less than 10% of the nominal value.


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