” The basic technology and components for vacuum-tube devices. Ltd.”

Company was created for manufacturing vacuum-tube devices of various types including microwave devices.

Brief information on the company is presented below.

Innovation Ltd is a official partner of VDBTC Ltd.



City Moscow,

Vvedensky Street, 3


Number of personnel: 60

Employees include 2 doctors of science, 7 candidates of science.


The main production activities:

 Development and production of linear electron accelerators and vacuum-tube devices (VTD) for them;

 Development and production of vacuum-tube device radars;

 Manufacture of spare parts and components for the supplied equipment;

 Operational maintenance and repair of the supplied equipment.


Production area – 700 square meters;


The core team of the organization consists of experienced professionals of the “Thorium” company well known in Russia and abroad who had come to the work in the “Basic technology and components for vacuum-tube devices” Company.

The General Director of the company and head of cathode production is Professor Oleg Maslennikov, Doctor of Engineering Science.

The Chief Technologist of the Company is a winner of the USSR State Prize, Vladimir Ilyin Ph.D.

The Laboratory of Development of Microwave Devices is

headed by Guzilov Igor, a candidate of physical and mathematical science.

The Laboratory of Gas Absorbers and Getters is headed by  Kruglenya Petr Abramovich, a candidate of technical science.

The scientific team includes specialists in the field of technology, calculation and production of devices and their accessories scientists Lysenko L.D. Ivanov O.V, Chekhanov V.S, Belov A.N. and others.

The main characteristic of the employees working in the Company is their ability to solve complex challenges in the field of creation of vacuum devices and their accessories ranging from formulating ideas to running the large-scale production.

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